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11413 k12 k20 kOn the theory of the magnetic electron
1132 k31 k31 kThe Outlaw (Marriott Watson)/Chapter 2
1129 k29 k29 kThe Outlaw (Marriott Watson)/Chapter 1
1124 k24 k24 kJess & Co./Chapter 4
1124 k23 k23 kJess & Co./Chapter 3
1123 k22 k22 kJess & Co./Chapter 5
11-22 k22 k240Main Street/Chapter 1
11-15 k15 k269Main Street/Chapter 2
138.8 k8.6 k29 kNIS 11, Sweden, Armed Forces
137.4 k7.4 k7.2 kApodaca–Canning treaty
123 k2.9 k2.9 kUnited Nations Security Council Resolution 718
114.4 k4.3 k4.3 kPains and Penalties Bill 1820
113.8 k3.7 k3.7 kUnited Nations Security Council Resolution 717
131.3 k1.4 k1.2 kThe Outlaw (Marriott Watson)
112.6 k2.5 k2.5 kOn Ioffe's theory of electrical discharge
12655659655The Zoologist/4th series, vol 1 (1897)/Issue 671/Notices of New Books
12443443443Posthumous Poems/The Death of Sir John Franklin
13137627137Emily of New Moon/Chapter 2
13137621137Emily of New Moon/Chapter 3
13124608124Emily of New Moon/Chapter 4
13123607123Emily of New Moon/Chapter 5
12359359359Pocahontas and Other Poems (New York)/Pocahontas
12140632140Emily of New Moon/Chapter 9
12138602138Emily of New Moon/Chapter 6
12125625125Emily of New Moon/Chapter 7
11707707707The Zoologist/4th series, vol 1 (1897)/Issue 670/Notes on the Chacma Babo…
12124606124Emily of New Moon/Chapter 8
11704704704The Zoologist/4th series, vol 1 (1897)/Issue 677/Notices of New Books
11702702702The Zoologist/4th series, vol 1 (1897)/Issue 676/Notices of New Books
11698698698The Zoologist/4th series, vol 1 (1897)/Issue 670/Notices of New Books
11696696696The Zoologist/4th series, vol 1 (1897)/Issue 672/Notices of New Books
12122560122Emily of New Moon/Chapter 1
11661661661The Zoologist/4th series, vol 1 (1897)/Issue 674/Notices of New Books
11591591591Emily of New Moon
12858537 kArgosy All-Story Weekly/1920
1220204.8 kFashion (Anna Cora Mowatt)
126969576Tarzan the Untamed
13-6982.3 kJess & Co.
11423423423Zinzendorff and Other Poems/A Dream
11410410410Zinzendorff and Other Poems/The Lost Sister
11398398398Zinzendorff and Other Poems/Christian Hope
11382382382Zinzendorff and Other Poems/"Go thy way for this time when I have a conve…
11380380380Zinzendorff and Other Poems/Queen Elizabeth and the Countess of Nottingham
11380380380Zinzendorff and Other Poems/Christmas Hymn
11375375375Zinzendorff and Other Poems/Death of a Wife during the Absence of her Hus…
11362362362Zinzendorff and Other Poems/Death of a Young Wife
11357357357Zinzendorff and Other Poems/On Reading the Memoirs of Mrs. Judson
11355355355Zinzendorff and Other Poems/The Sea Boy
13082.4 kFashion (Anna Cora Mowatt)/Prologue
11339339339Pocahontas and Other Poems (New York)/Pocahontas Notes
11310310310Pocahontas and Other Poems (New York)
124423 kFashion (Anna Cora Mowatt)/Act II
124422 kFashion (Anna Cora Mowatt)/Act III
124418 kFashion (Anna Cora Mowatt)/Act IV
124432 kFashion (Anna Cora Mowatt)/Act V
11280280280Oregon Historical Quarterly/Volume 21/Pacific University
12382382382Aristotle/Chapter 8
11255255255Anacalypsis/Volume 1/Preface
124428 kFashion (Anna Cora Mowatt)/Act I
11142142142Emily of New Moon/Chapter 10
11142142142Emily of New Moon/Chapter 11
11142142142Emily of New Moon/Chapter 14
11142142142Emily of New Moon/Chapter 15
11128128128Emily of New Moon/Chapter 12
11126126126Emily of New Moon/Chapter 13
11898989The Threatening Catastrophe and How To Fight It
118787894The Plot Discovered; Or, an Address to the People, Against Ministerial Tr…
11656565The Proletarian Revolution and Renegade Kautsky
116363716A Moral and Political Lecture delivered at Bristol
11565656"Left-Wing" Communism: An Infantile Disorder
11484848Fashion/Act III
11474747Fashion/Act II
11464646Fashion/Act I
11474747Fashion/Act IV
11464646Fashion/Act V
1144441.4 kOregon Historical Quarterly/Volume 21
114343439The Strand Magazine/Volume 1/Issue 4/The Luckiest Man in the Colony
114343454The Strand Magazine/Volume 1/Issue 4/The King's Stratagem
114343500The Strand Magazine/Volume 1/Issue 4/A Thing that Glistened
1143438 kThe New International Encyclopædia/Hartmann, Karl Robert Eduard von
1137377.2 kThe Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Hartmann, Karl Robert Edouard von
113535371Oregon Historical Quarterly/Volume 5/Documents: A Brimfield Heroine
11333333What Is To Be Done?
113232546Grimm's Goblins (1876)/Cherry, or the Frog-Bride
113232421Grimm's Household Tales (Edwardes)/Cherry the Frog-Bride
1129291.6 kThe Zoologist/4th series, vol 1 (1897)/Issue 670
113030401Pocahontas, and Other Poems/Pocahontas
112727545Archaeological Journal/Volume 11/Notices of Certain Lychnoscopes, or Low …
112727579Archaeological Journal/Volume 8/Notices of Roman Ornaments connected with…
112727531Archaeological Journal/Volume 11/Notice of a Decorative Pavement, of the …
112727574Archaeological Journal/Volume 8/Collections Illustrative of Roman Occupat…
112323481The Strand Magazine/Volume 1/Issue 4/A New Industry for Ladies
1120203.9 kFashion (Madison)
112020581Slavery, a poem
111919418The Strand Magazine/Volume 2/Issue 11/Lady Dufferin and the Women of India
111919347Poems Sigourney 1834/Praise
1119191.6 kHymns for the Amusement of Children (1791)/Praise
111818413The Strand Magazine/Volume 1/Issue 4/Pictures with Histories
1119198.4 kOn the Account/Chapter 1
111212797The Zoologist/4th series, vol 3 (1899)/Issue 694/Fecundity in Each Avine …
11993251911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Verse
1300380Aristotle/Chapter 6
11377377377Aristotle/Chapter 9
11370370370Aristotle/Chapter 7
11-552.4 kThe Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon (1819)
112217 kCatholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Reginald Pole
11-3336 kConstitution of India/Part XII
1111662The Zoologist/4th series, vol 1 (1897)/Issue 668/Notices of New Books
110019 kCatholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Saint John Lateran
111112 kClaflin v. Commonwealth Insurance Company of Boston Massachusetts
110023 kThe Histories (Paton translation)/Book IV
11003.6 kThe New International Encyclopædia/Wilmot Proviso
11-11160 kCatholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Japan
1100387Early Christian Prayers
11319319319Aristotle/Chapter 10
111010390Aristotle/Chapter 3
111010374Aristotle/Chapter 4
1144366Aristotle/Chapter 2
11-11101 kRoe v. Wade/Opinion of the Court
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