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11-14 k14 k2961911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Melanchthon, Philipp
1112 k12 k12 kAnimal Life in the Egyptian Desert
11-21 k20 k256Evelina, or: a Young Lady's Entrance into the World/Volume 1/Letter XIII
1316 k16 k16 kThe Red Book Magazine/Volume 38/Number 5/The Gold Mounted Guns
13-4.6 k4.5 k241Dramatis Personæ/Epilogue
16870930870Donald of Dundee
142.4 k2.3 k2.3 kAdventure (Magazine)
13651651651The London Magazine/1820–1829/Series 1/Volume 9/April/The Ghost-player's …
13713713713The Real Motive
13276276276The Real Motive/But This Is Also Everlasting Life
12313313313The Real Motive/There Was a Moon, There Was a Star
12453453453Smile again my Bonny Lassie
13-93153878Six popular songs (1850-1860)
13-8144614Six popular songs (1850-1860)/Young Donald is the blithest lad
12310310310The Sea (Cornwall)
11506506506Letters from India Volume II/From the Hon F H Eden to a Friend 7
121491492.4 kI Gaed a Waefu' Gate Yestreen
131278326968An Epistle to the Right Honourable Allen, Lord Bathurst
136969348Young Donald o' Dundee (1804-1819)/Song 1
11321321321The Northern Ḥeǧâz/Appendix 8
12-7676624Six popular songs (1850-1860)/The lawland lads
12-7676586Six popular songs (1850-1860)/As I came down the Canno-gate
11306306306The Northern Ḥeǧâz/Appendix 7
12-5757474Six popular songs (1850-1860)/My Patie is a lover Gay
12333314 kThe Circular Staircase/Chapter 1
11289289289The Northern Ḥeǧâz/Index map
1242421.2 kThe Braes of Balquhither
11283283283The Northern Ḥeǧâz/Map of the Northern Ḥeǧâz
12-3838553Six popular songs (1850-1860)/Let us go, lassie go
1234341.7 kThe Highland Laddie (Ramsay)
123535568Young Donald o' Dundee (1804-1819)
1150250211 kDictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement
12127127469The Sentimental Songster/I Gaed a waefu' Gate Yestreen
11351351351Maynard Owen Williams
11332332332Pride and Prejudice (1813)/Volume 2/Chapter 5
12-7676518Six popular songs (1850-1860)/My love was born in Aberdeen
11303303303The Real Motive/The Lookout
12-11301Above the Battle/Notes
120015 kDramatis Personæ/James Lee
11396396396Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Vane-Tempest-Stewart, C…
11373373373The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman/Volume 2/Chapter 18
11371371371Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Van Horne, William Corn…
111321322.6 kMidland Naturalist/Volume 01
11360360360Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Verrall, Arthur Woollgar
11356356356Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Villiers, Victor Albert…
11350350350Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Burgh Canning, Hubert G…
11346346346Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Butterworth, George Sai…
11340340340Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Bullen, Arthur Henry
11336336336Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Butlin, Henry Trentham
11334334334Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Burnand, Francis Cowley
11332332332Pride and Prejudice (1813)/Volume 2/Chapter 4
11327327327Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Bruce, William Speirs
11323323323Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Voysey, Charles
11319319319Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Burnham, first Baron
11319319319Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Buxton, Thomas Fowell
11319319319Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Butler, Henry Montagu
11318318318Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Brunton, Thomas Lauder
11315315315Dictionary of National Biography, 1927 supplement/Bywater, Ingram
1200323Above the Battle/Preface
12006.5 kDramatis Personæ/Gold Hair: A Legend of Pornic
11414141Dramatis Personæ/James Lee's
11256256256Authors Guild v. HathiTrust (2014)
1112012022 kThe Bat/Chapter 15
1166499What Will He Do With It? (Belford)/Book 3/Chapter III
11-1021022.5 kThe Circular Staircase
11205205205Young Donald o' Dundee
11878714 kThe Bat/Chapter 18
11888888Caliban upon Setebos
11190190190Six Popular Songs
12-22551The Triumphs of Temper (11th ed.)
11797916 kThe Bat/Chapter 19
11767676Dîs Aliter Visum; or Le Byron de nos Jours
11616161Dramatis Personæ/Gold Hair: A Story of Pornic
11606060Gold Hair: A Story of Pornic
11565656Mr. Sludge, "The Medium"
11474747The Worst of It
11484848Apparent Failure
11454545Youth and Art
11454545May and Death
11434343James Lee's Wife
11434343Confessions (Browning)
11424242A Likeness
11404040Epilogue to Dramatis Personæ
1131317.6 kThe Bat/Chapter 20
11323213 kThe Bat/Chapter 17
1125254.5 kThe Bat/Chapter 21
112626765The London Magazine/1820–1829/Series 1/Volume 9/March/On Ghosts
11232312 kThe Bat/Chapter 16
11181811 kThe Circular Staircase/Chapter 6
11-1919649Letitia Elizabeth Landon (L. E. L.) in Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap Book, …
11191911 kThe Circular Staircase/Chapter 7
11181813 kThe Circular Staircase/Chapter 2
1118189.8 kThe Circular Staircase/Chapter 4
1119198.4 kThe Circular Staircase/Chapter 3
11171710 kThe Circular Staircase/Chapter 5
111616476The Secret of the Old Mill
11121249 kConstitution of the Soviet Union (1936)
111131131 kAre Ye Sleepin', Maggie
11106106106Trades Unions and Socialism
11919191Cathalogus Librorum Haereticorum
118181415The Sentimental Songster/The Highland Laddie
1181815.7 kPlan of Charles Pinckney (SC)
118080415The Sentimental Songster/Sleeping Maggie
117777543Seraphim/Smile again my Bonny Lassie
117878415The Sentimental Songster/Smile again my Bonny Lassie
117373409The Sentimental Songster/The Sea
117272561Seraphim/The Sea
116868431The Book of Scottish Song/Donald of Dundee
116868513Paddy's rambles/Young Donald o'Dundee
116868632The chapter of kings, a new royal song/Donald of Dundee
116969411The Sentimental Songster/Donald o' Dundee
116868566Seraphim/Donald o' Dundee
11404040Myth, Ritual and Religion
11373737Sleeping Maggie
113333422The Highland Laddie
11303030Donald o' Dundee
1130301 kSix popular songs (1840-1850)
11-2424295The Triumphs of Temper (11th ed.)/Canto 6
111717241 kBible (King James)/Genesis
121080457Weird Tales/Volume 29/Issue 2/I, the Vampire
11-44347What Will He Do With It? (Belford)/Book 3/Chapter I
110015 kDramatis Personæ/Caliban Upon Setebos; or, Natural Theology in the Island
110072 kDramatis Personæ/Mr. Sludge, "The Medium"
11006.3 kDramatis Personæ/Dîs Aliter Visum; or, Le Byron de nos Jours
1100270Above the Battle/Advertisements
1100271Above the Battle/Introduction
11005.3 kDramatis Personæ/The Worst of It
11002.7 kDramatis Personæ/Apparent Failure
11002.9 kDramatis Personæ/A Likeness
11001.5 kDramatis Personæ/Confessions
11001 kDramatis Personæ/May and Death
11002.8 kDramatis Personæ/Youth and Art
11001.9 kDramatis Personæ/Prospice
11-111.5 kRamtanu Lahiri, Brahman and Reformer: A History of the Renaissance in Ben…
1100292Young Donald o' Dundee (1804-1819)/Song 4
1100320Young Donald o' Dundee (1804-1819)/Song 3
1100307Young Donald o' Dundee (1804-1819)/Song 5
1100322Young Donald o' Dundee (1804-1819)/Song 2
1100273Young Donald o' Dundee (1804-1819)/Song 6
1117817820 kConstitution of the People's Republic of China (1975)
117272115 kThe Red Book Magazine
112424743Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia
11-55343Above the Battle/7
11-22323Above the Battle/4
11-22349Above the Battle/5
11-22344Above the Battle/13
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