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11873 k71 k71 kSpanish Constitution of 1812
11-41 k40 k446Ivan the Terrible/Part 2/Chapter 4
1111 k10 k10 kThe Miracle (Blackwood)
1177.3 k7.1 k7.1 kThe Times/1932/Obituary/Sir Herbert Stephen
1146.5 k6.4 k6.4 kThe Times/1929/Obituary/Sir H. Trueman Wood
11-11 k11 k299Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Altruism
1152.1 k2.1 k240 kBible (King James)/Genesis
11-8.9 k8.7 k302Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Fernando Alvarez de Toledo, Duke of Alva
11-6.9 k6.8 k349Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Diocese of Altoona
35300393 kConstitution of Nigeria (1999)
23-1802081.3 kHerbert West: Reanimator
11-4.8 k4.7 k344Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Pedro de Alvarado
176406421.3 kMidland Naturalist
11-2.9 k2.8 k316Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Diego Alvarez
11-2.9 k2.8 k290Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Manoel Alvarez
11-2.8 k2.7 k371Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Balthazar Alvarez
11-2.5 k2.4 k348Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Alonzo de Alvarado
11-1.9 k1.9 k288Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Alumnus
11-1.8 k1.7 k348Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Alvarez de Paz
11-1.7 k1.7 k290Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Johann Baptist Alzog
12561561561Platform and Constitution of the Socialistic Labor Party
11997997997The Strand Magazine/Volume 3/Issue 15/Portraits of Celebrities
12607611607The Strand Magazine/Volume 3/Issue 15/Illustrated Interviews
11-1.3 k1.3 k351Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/St. Alypius
11-1.3 k1.2 k329Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/José Antonio Alzate
11-1 k1 k325Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Niccolò Alunno
13239239239Category:Telescope articles in Popular Science Monthly
16518518518Midland Naturalist/Volume 01/Opening Address
13-32112791Popular Science Monthly/Volume 15/October 1879/A Home-Made Spectroscope
12137137991Popular Science Monthly/Volume 21/May 1882/The Stereoscope: Its History I
11-939939327Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Pedro d'Alva y Astorga
12-36108659Popular Science Monthly/Volume 5/July 1874/Hints on the Stereoscope
11-838838325Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Fray Francisco de Alvarado
124040891Popular Science Monthly/Volume 21/June 1882/The Stereoscope: Its Theory II
11643643643The Strand Magazine/Volume 3/Issue 15/TQS
11760760760The Russian Revolution & the War
11451451451The Criterion/Volume 4/Number 4/Antheil, 1924-1926
12-58130728Popular Science Monthly/Volume 7/June 1875/The Microscope and its Misinte…
11566566566The Strand Magazine/Volume 3/Issue 15/Clouds with Silver Linings
12101681.1 kPopular Science Monthly/Volume 47/June 1895/Pleasures of the Telescope V
12-36362.9 kThe Strand Magazine/Volume 3/Issue 15
1291671 kPopular Science Monthly/Volume 47/October 1895/Pleasures of the Telescope…
1291671.1 kPopular Science Monthly/Volume 47/August 1895/Pleasures of the Telescope VI
1291691.1 kPopular Science Monthly/Volume 46/April 1895/Pleasures of the Telescope IV
1291671.1 kPopular Science Monthly/Volume 46/February 1895/Pleasures of the Telescop…
1291671 kPopular Science Monthly/Volume 46/January 1895/Pleasures of the Telescope…
129167984Popular Science Monthly/Volume 45/June 1894/Pleasures of the Telescope I
11528528528The Strand Magazine/Volume 3/Issue 15/The Three Sisters and Their Glass H…
12-1088804Popular Science Monthly/Volume 24/November 1883/A Home-Made Telescope
11513513513The Strand Magazine/Volume 3/Issue 15/Strong-Minded Miss Methuen
11511511511The Strand Magazine/Volume 3/Issue 15/The Curate's Temptation
11508508508The Strand Magazine/Volume 3/Issue 15/Beauty in Nature
11-643643289Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Ama
11486486486The Strand Magazine/Volume 3/Issue 15/In the Midst of the Sea
11479479479The Strand Magazine/Volume 3/Issue 15/How the Deaf and Dumb are Educated
11444444444The Strand Magazine/Volume 3/Issue 15/Monkey Society
11321321321The Northern Ḥeǧâz/Appendix 2
11321321321The Northern Ḥeǧâz/Appendix 3
11577577577Midland Naturalist/Volume 01/Dudley and Midland GSSFC
11551551551Shakespeare - First Folio facsimile (1910)/The Second Part of King Henry …
11549549549Shakespeare - First Folio facsimile (1910)/The Second Part of King Henry …
11400400400Historic Highways of America/Volume 13/Chapter 3
13858585Category:Arts administrators as authors
11346346346Platform and Constitution of the Socialistic Labor Party/Platform
11341341341Platform and Constitution of the Socialistic Labor Party/Constitution
11317317317The Northern Ḥeǧâz/Appendix 1
12717171Category:Biographies of arts administrators
12707070Category:Arts administrators
11314314314The Northern Ḥeǧâz/Chapter 8
11310310310The Secret of the Old Mill/Chapter 15
12636363Category:Pharmacologists as authors
11182182182Category:Stereoscope articles in Popular Science Monthly
12484848Category:Recipients of the Hoover Medal
1240402.4 kThe World's Redemption
11408408408Striving for Swaraj
11405405405Monsieur Bossu's Treatise of the Epick Poem/Chapter 16
12313131Category:Index - esperanto
1220302 kObservations on frogs
11271271271Soviets Or Parliament
118686763Popular Science Monthly/Volume 28/February 1886/The Problem of Photograph…
117777858Popular Science Monthly/Volume 45/August 1894/The Photography of Colors
11180180180Category:Microscopy articles in Popular Science Monthly
11404010 kBible (King James)/Habakkuk
1139395.9 kBible (King James)/Obadiah
11363627 kBible (King James)/Amos
1138381 kHistory of California (Bancroft)
112727368The wonders of optics/The stereoscope
11232232232The Tale of Genji (Waley)/Chapter 8
11117117117Category:Optics articles in Popular Science Monthly
11115115115Category:Color articles in Popular Science Monthly
12-145927Sacred song heals the sick spirit
11184184184Category:Astronomy education articles in Popular Science Monthly
111751752.5 kL'Envoi
11-5757733Popular Science Monthly/Volume 16/January 1880/The Most Powerful Telescop…
11515112 kCatholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Vicariate Apostolic of Kiang-nan
11161161689Midland Naturalist/Volume 01
11515188 kCatholic Encyclopedia (1913)/The Church in China
11454545The Two Noble Kinsmen (Shakespeare)
11-4242696Popular Science Monthly/Volume 28/December 1885/The Refracting Telescope
114141418Astounding Stories of Super Science/Volume 02/Number 02/Into The Ocean's …
113838421Astounding Stories of Super Science/Volume 02/Number 02/Brigands of the M…
1136361020Popular Science Monthly/Volume 23/May 1883/Lengthening the Visible Spectrum
1136361.3 kPopular Science Monthly/Volume 67/June 1905/Galileo IV
113636669Popular Science Monthly/Volume 1/October 1872/Visual Images in Darkness
113535809Popular Science Monthly/Volume 28/November 1885/Two Wonderful Instruments
113535883Popular Science Monthly/Volume 40/March 1892/Wayside Optics
113535704Popular Science Monthly/Volume 11/October 1877/Simple Experiments in Optics
113636741Popular Science Monthly/Volume 6/April 1875/On the Correctness of Photogr…
113535898Popular Science Monthly/Volume 4/March 1874/Modern Optics and Painting II
113535835Popular Science Monthly/Volume 4/February 1874/Modern Optics and Painting I
113636760Popular Science Monthly/Volume 8/November 1875/A Home-Made Microscope
113636825Popular Science Monthly/Volume 5/October 1874/Microscopic Architects
113535658Popular Science Monthly/Volume 29/October 1886/Are Black and White Colors?
113636771Popular Science Monthly/Volume 18/February 1881/Optical Illusions of Motion
113535916Popular Science Monthly/Volume 30/April 1887/Astronomy with an Opera-Glas…
1136361.5 kPopular Science Monthly/Volume 67/May 1905/Galileo III
113636731Popular Science Monthly/Volume 5/May 1874/The Crooked Courses of Light
113535922Popular Science Monthly/Volume 59/May 1901/Primitive Color Vision
113535999Popular Science Monthly/Volume 17/June 1880/Goethe's Farbenlehre: Theory …
1135351 kPopular Science Monthly/Volume 17/July 1880/Goethe's Farbenlehre: Theory …
113535829Popular Science Monthly/Volume 72/February 1908/The Relation of Color and…
113636856Popular Science Monthly/Volume 67/December 1905/The Cause, Nature and Con…
113535736Popular Science Monthly/Volume 14/November 1878/The Contrast of Colors
1136361.2 kPopular Science Monthly/Volume 66/January 1905/Galileo I
1136361.3 kPopular Science Monthly/Volume 66/February 1905/Galileo II
113535656Popular Science Monthly/Volume 4/April 1874/Images and Shadows
113535825Popular Science Monthly/Volume 27/September 1885/The Physiology of Colors
113434743Popular Science Monthly/Volume 23/October 1883/The Colors of Flowers
113434689Popular Science Monthly/Volume 9/October 1876/The Constants of Color
113434810Popular Science Monthly/Volume 61/September 1902/A New Theory of Light an…
113434908Popular Science Monthly/Volume 55/June 1899/The Sense of Color
113030519Astounding Stories of Super Science/Volume 01/Number 02/The Beetle Horde
113131448Astounding Stories of Super Science/Volume 01/Number 02/The Thief of Time
112929651Astounding Stories of Super Science/Volume 02/Number 02/The Jovian Jest
112525412Encyclopædia Britannica, Ninth Edition/Telescope
1123233.2 kCatholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Jean-François La Harpe
1124244 kThe New Student's Reference Work/Telescope
1118182.4 kCatholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Pierre Lagrené
11-15154691911 Encyclopædia Britannica/War
111111485Reynard the Fox
11838383Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Stephen, James (1758–1832)
11727272Category:Astronomy education
11-6565748Popular Science Monthly/Volume 20/January 1882/Astronomy in High-Schools
1158583861911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Pinckney, Charles
1148484810-Year National Highway Program
11-33852Popular Science Monthly/Volume 25/September 1884/Protection Against Light…
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