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312135 k132 k131 kDescription of Greece (Jones)/Book 1
29140 k137 k199 kDescription of Greece (Jones)/Book 8
23180 k176 k176 kDescription of Greece (Jones)/Book 10
23152 k148 k148 kDescription of Greece (Jones)/Book 9
35113 k12 k49 kJoe Biden's First State of the Union Address
1111-13 k13 k356An Act to Ordain and Institute the Civil Code of the Philippines (Republi…
11-99 k97 k107Philippine Civil Code Book 1 - Persons (Family Code of the Philippines)
1233 k32 k32 kThe Times' Red Cross Story Book/The Veil of Flying Water
11-52 k51 k3311911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Britain/Anglo-Saxon
11-46 k45 k3241911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Britain/Roman
15-9.3 k9.2 k631Poems, in two volumes (Wordsworth)/Volume 2/Ode: Intimations of Immortali…
1131 k30 k30 kDoctor Nikola (Windsor Magazine, 1896)/Chapter 7
1124 k23 k23 kThe Times' Red Cross Story Book/Life-Like
1124 k23 k23 kThe Times' Red Cross Story Book/The Probation of Jimmy Baker
1119 k18 k18 kDoctor Nikola (Windsor Magazine, 1896)/Chapter 6
11-18 k18 k267The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884)/Chapter 20
22709709709The Life of William Morris
23283385283The Life of William Morris/Chapter 1
22334334334The Children of the Night (1921)/The Torrent
23270356270The Life of William Morris/Chapter 4
23269355269The Life of William Morris/Chapter 5
23270356270The Life of William Morris/Chapter 3
23270356270The Life of William Morris/Chapter 6
23268354268The Life of William Morris/Chapter 2
23132132589Description of Greece (Jones)
12-5.1 k5 k2.4 kDictionary of Indian Biography/E
24-26602.2 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)
2361117707Oliver Twist (1838)
141.3 k1.2 k1.2 kThe New York Times/1925/12/14
13-2.9 k2.8 k4 kOread
114.2 k4.1 k4.1 kPepper
131.5 k1.5 k1.5 kThe Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (Gutenberg edition)
141.2 k1.1 k1.1 kThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1892, US)
166086381.7 kThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (The Strand Magazine)
22101256 kCommentaries on the Gallic War/Book 6
13384424384The New York Times/1925/12/14/Want Population of City Recounted
1788112122 kAn Act to Ordain and Institute the Civil Code of the Philippines (Republi…
12672672723Ode (Wordsworth)
171672451 kAn Act to Ordain and Institute the Civil Code of the Philippines (Republi…
12510510510The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor
12-35435420 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book VII
12-31131121 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book VI
12382634382The New York Times/1925/12/14/Year of Dawes Plan Puts Reich on Road to Fu…
12408500408The New York Times/1925/12/14/Pinchot Summons a Special Session to Regula…
13362448362National Geographic Magazine/Volume 16/Number 1/Our Immigration during 1904
12-29029023 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XII
221061741911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Copyright notice
12242242306Dictionary of Indian Biography/F
12-22822818 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XIII
12-22722713 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book VIII
13276276276First Folio (West 192)/The Tempest
12-15115111 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XVI
13107107448The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
12267267267Massachusetts Reform Club Speech (1885-04-24; Phelps)
12-1131137.5 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XVIII
12-1131138.1 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XIV
1296981.6 kThe Strand Magazine/Volume 1/Issue 1
133347346Dictionary of Indian Biography/H
12-51125505The Five Orange Pips
1318407.8 kScribner's Magazine
131159714A Study of Ben Jonson
149696692McClure's Magazine/Volume 2/Number 1/To My Wife
11553553553The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb
12-515138 kA Case of Identity (The Strand Magazine)
12-1691731.2 kThe Descent of Man (Darwin)
11543543543The Adventure of the Copper Beeches
12404040 kHouse of Pomegranates/The Birthday of the Infanta
12-383827 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XVII
12-383816 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XXVI
12-383811 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XXV
12-383812 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XXIX
12-383873 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XXIV
12-383878 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XXI
12-383819 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XX
12-383836 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book V
12-383825 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book II
12-383894 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book III
12-383838 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book IV
12-383818 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XXVIII
12-383817 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XV
12-383814 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book X
12-383814 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XI
12-38383.8 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XXVII
12-383812 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XXXI
12-383819 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XXX
12-383840 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XXXIV
11538538538The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet
12-383826 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XIX
12-383827 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XXXIII
12-383839 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XXXII
12-313131 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XXIII
12-33331.6 kOliver Twist (1838)/Volume 2
12-252525 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book XXXV
13-91181473The Red-Headed League
121836271Dictionary of Indian Biography/G
12-19191.5 kOliver Twist (1838)/Volume 3
12191951 kThe Adventure of the Beryl Coronet (The Strand Magazine)
12181844 kThe Adventure of the Noble Bachelor (The Strand Magazine)
12161644 kThe Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb (The Strand Magazine)
12171732 kHouse of Pomegranates/The Star-Child
12131352 kThe Adventure of the Copper Beeches (The Strand Magazine)
12127127259Constitution of Missouri
12-1141149.2 kLeaves of Grass (Gutenberg edition)/Book IX
11480480480The New York Times/1925/12/14/Amplifiers in the Lords Check Side Remarks …
11463463463The New York Times/1925/12/14/Louvain's $1,000,000 Fully Subscribed
128484443Who's Who in China (3rd edition)/Chao Hsi-en (S. U. Zau)
114574571.1 kThe Water Babies
1280805.6 kPunch
13-44235 kThe World as Will and Representation/First Book
11447447447The New York Times/1925/12/14/Tax Bill Will Pass with Little Change
12332416271911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Wycliffe, John
126262475Poems of Letitia Elizabeth Landon (L. E. L.) in The Amulet, 1831
1251914161911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Shoe-bill
11431431431The New York Times/1925/12/14/Eleonora Sears, Walking to Boston on Wager,…
11427427427The New York Times/1925/12/14/Advertisement—Bell-Ans
11424424424The New York Times/1925/12/14/Advertisement—Cuba-Miami
11421421421The New York Times/1925/12/14/New York Dog That Keeps Watch on Sea Believ…
12393970 kHouse of Pomegranates/The Fisherman and His Soul
11414414414The New York Times/1925/12/14/Advertisement—Carolina-Florida Special
11412412412The New York Times/1925/12/14/New Orleans Syndicate Buys Huylers, Inc.
11410410410The New York Times/1925/12/14/Only Jane Austen Manuscript Acquired by Bri…
12-3044767A Scandal in Bohemia (The Strand Magazine)
123131435Calendar of the London Seasons
122234294The Water Babies/Chapter 5
11399399399The New York Times/1925/12/14/Advertisement—New Year's Eve Carnival at Br…
12-146866 kInformatics metrics and measures for a smart public health systems approa…
11398398398The man against the sky; a book of poems/The Gift of God
11396396396The man against the sky; a book of poems/The Clinging Vine
12171728 kHouse of Pomegranates/The Young King
121111646Metrical Translations of Corinne’s Odes in Madame de Staël’s Corinne, or …
12-991.7 kOliver Twist (1838)/Volume 1
12773.3 kOliver Twist
11376376376The Children of the Night (1921)/Walt Whitman
11365365365The Children of the Night (1921)/Credo
11364364364The New York Times/1925/12/14/Advertisement—Harry Collins
11363363363The Children of the Night (1921)/The Wilderness
11359359359The Children of the Night (1921)/Charles Carville’s Eyes
11356356356The Children of the Night (1921)/Sonnet (2)
11358358358The Children of the Night (1921)/Fleming Helphenstine
11354354354The Children of the Night (1921)/For a Book by Thomas Hardy
11354354354The Children of the Night (1921)/The Chorus of Old Men in "Ægeus"
11351351351The Children of the Night (1921)/Thomas Hood
11344344344The Children of the Night (1921)/The Dead Village
11341341341The Children of the Night (1921)/Aaron Stark
11335335335The Children of the Night (1921)/Reuben Bright
11337337337The Children of the Night (1921)/The Miracle
11333333333The Children of the Night (1921)/Horace to Leuconoë
11334334334The Children of the Night (1921)/The Garden
11331331331The Children of the Night (1921)/Octaves
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