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2220 k20 k20 kNew Jersey P.L.1967, c.106
229.9 k9.7 k9.7 kNew Jersey P.L.1962, c.215
1228 k27 k27 kAn Unfinished Game
2323.7 k11 k3.7 kAnthem (Rand)/Chapter 8
1221 k21 k21 kThe Secret of Discipline
1214 k13 k13 kThe 'Eighty-Seven
1127 k27 k27 kThe House of the Arrow/Chapter 3
1127 k26 k26 kThe House of the Arrow/Chapter 5
1115 k15 k15 kThe House of the Arrow/Chapter 2
1114 k14 k14 kThe House of the Arrow/Chapter 4
11-11 k10 k263Babbitt/Chapter 11
11-6.9 k6.7 k266Babbitt/Chapter 12
179021 k902Facing the Sea, with Spring Blossoms
11-2.1 k2.1 k4.6 k1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Gondar
2204029 kA Dictionary of Australian Words and Terms
111.8 k1.7 k53 kUnited Nations Treaty Series
12741741741The Buchan sangster
111.5 k1.4 k7.3 kMen-at-the-Bar/Names W
111.3 k1.3 k2.1 kMen-at-the-Bar/Names V
14631655631Tullochgorum (6)
12570570570Three old Scottish songs (1)/Jockey's Lamentation
12502502502Three old Scottish songs (1)/I yield, dear Lassie
12482482482Three old Scottish songs (1)/Jockey and Jenny
12411411411Constitution of the State of Idaho
12448814448Tullochgorum (6)/Tullochgorum
12475475475Old Scottish ballad of Andrew Lammie, or, Mill of Tifty's Annie
122712712711911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Multituberculata
11752752752That's the real dandy
122032032031911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Madrid (province)
11708708708Four Scottish songs
1260602.7 kThe House of the Arrow
11661661661Three old Scottish songs (1)
1214144.6 kNew Jersey P.L.1962, c.19
11640640640Dusky night
11609609609Sir Neil, and Glengyle
11-598598584The Records of the Honorable Society of Lincoln's Inn/Volume 1
11582582582Four Scottish songs/Despairing Mary
11575575575That's the real dandy/Pretty Nancy
11563563563Four Scottish songs/Battle of the Nile
11552552552That's the real dandy/The Beggar
11539539539The Buchan sangster/The Love of Barleybree
11532532532The Buchan sangster/The Blue Peat-Reek
12-2529502United States Statutes at Large/Volume 1/3rd Congress/2nd Session/Chapter…
11524524524That's the real dandy/Jack's Disaster
11521521521Tullochgorum (6)/Roslin Castle
11519519519Dusky night/Gragal Ma Chree
11517517517The Buchan sangster/Your Ain Fireside
11511511511Dusky night/A Young Lady Turned Soldier
11507507507Excellent old ballad describing the woeful hunting and famous battle on C…
11505505505Sir Neil, and Glengyle/Unfortunate Miss Bailey
11495495495Four Scottish songs/Haughs of Cromdale
11492492492Four Scottish songs/I'll aye ca' in by yon town
1374743.1 kI am born in a rank which recognizes no superior but God
11487487487Tullochgorum (6)/The Death of Sally Roy
11488488488Men-at-the-Bar/(Venkatachelliah), Meenacshaya (Cumbhumpati)
11485485485Sir Neil, and Glengyle/Sir Neil, and Glengyle, The Highland Cheftans
11349349349Three Years in Tibet/Chapter 14
11346346346War and Peace (Tolstoy)/Book 10/Chapter 32
11478478478Men-at-the-Bar/(Venkatachelliah), Sabapathi lyah (Cumbhumpati)
11347347347War and Peace (Tolstoy)/Book 10/Chapter 38
11346346346War and Peace (Tolstoy)/Book 10/Chapter 27
11347347347Three Years in Tibet/Chapter 13
11346346346War and Peace (Tolstoy)/Book 10/Chapter 33
11348348348War and Peace (Tolstoy)/Book 10/Chapter 37
11346346346War and Peace (Tolstoy)/Book 10/Chapter 34
11346346346War and Peace (Tolstoy)/Book 10/Chapter 35
11346346346War and Peace (Tolstoy)/Book 10/Chapter 36
11478478478That's the real dandy/The Broad Swords of OLD SCOTLAND
11344344344War and Peace (Tolstoy)/Book 10/Chapter 31
11344344344War and Peace (Tolstoy)/Book 10/Chapter 30
11345345345War and Peace (Tolstoy)/Book 10/Chapter 29
11345345345War and Peace (Tolstoy)/Book 10/Chapter 28
12101101603Golfers Magazine
11475475475Old Scotch ballad of Andrew Lammie, or, Mill of Tifty's Annie (1)
11339339339Three Years in Tibet/Chapter 12
11463463463That's the real dandy/That's the Real Dandy
11463463463Men-at-the-Bar/(Venkatachelliah), Akilandaiya (Cumbhumpati)
11463463463The Buchan sangster/Bloody Dundee
11461461461Dusky night/The Dusky Night
1277131594United States Statutes at Large/Volume 1/3rd Congress/2nd Session/Resolut…
11458458458The Buchan sangster/The Hare Amo' the Corn
11453453453Old Scots ballad of Andrew Lammie, or, Mill of Tifty's Annie
11449449449Fortunate sailor, and the farmer's daughter, in the county of Kent
11444444444Tullochgorum (6)/Was You at the Shirra-Muir
11433433433Men-at-the-Bar/Villiers, Hon. Edward Reginald Clement
114334334331911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Labrum
11422422422Dusky night/O'er the Muir to Maggy
11420420420Men-at-the-Bar/Villiers, Rt. Hon. Charles Pelham
11418418418Men-at-the-Bar/Waterton, William Montgomery Fairlie
11397397397Men-at-the-Bar/De Villiers, Sir John Henry
11397397397Men-at-the-Bar/Waters, Robert Edmond Chester
11393393393Men-at-the-Bar/Vennell, George Alexander
11391391391Men-at-the-Bar/Stonhouse-Vigor, Alfred Henry
11392392392Men-at-the-Bar/Watson, Sir Arthur Townley, Bart.
11389389389Men-at-the-Bar/Vincent, Charles Edward Howard
11388388388Men-at-the-Bar/Warren, Hon. John Byrne Leicester
11385385385Men-at-the-Bar/Vivian, Charles Edwards Ennis
11385385385Men-at-the-Bar/Vivian, Hon. Claud Hamilton
11380380380Men-at-the-Bar/Warmington, Cornelius Marshall
11382382382Men-at-the-Bar/Verity, Richard Henry Manners
11379379379Men-at-the-Bar/Vivian, John Henry Brougham
11377377377Men-at-the-Bar/Chella Vencatanarasiah
11378378378Men-at-the-Bar/Lee-Warner, Charles Henry
11374374374Men-at-the-Bar/Watkins, Francis William
11374374374Men-at-the-Bar/Warner, Robert Stewart Aucher
11373373373Men-at-the-Bar/Verney, Frederick William
11371371371Men-at-the-Bar/Waterhouse, George Wilson
11370370370Men-at-the-Bar/Warner, Edward John Rudyerd
11371371371Men-at-the-Bar/Waterlow, Walter Jameson
11368368368Men-at-the-Bar/Waterfield, William Garrow
11366366366Men-at-the-Bar/Venning, William Marshall
11362362362Men-at-the-Bar/Vernon, George Frederic
11363363363Men-at-the-Bar/Verrall, Arthur Woollgar
11362362362Men-at-the-Bar/Venables, Rowland George
11362362362Men-at-the-Bar/Venables, George Stovin
11363363363Men-at-the-Bar/Vertue, Charles Erskine
11363363363Men-at-the-Bar/Vicajee, Framjee Rustamjee
11359359359Men-at-the-Bar/Warrington, Thomas Rolls
11359359359Men-at-the-Bar/De Vos, Frederick Henry
11359359359Men-at-the-Bar/Washbourne, William Edward
11357357357Men-at-the-Bar/Vidal, George William
11356356356Men-at-the-Bar/Watson, David Jouffroy
11354354354Men-at-the-Bar/Warton, Charles Nicholas
11355355355Men-at-the-Bar/Vickers, James Muschamp
11355355355Men-at-the-Bar/Warren, William Newton
11355355355Men-at-the-Bar/Verey, Henry William
11351351351Men-at-the-Bar/Warr, Henry Denny
11351351351Men-at-the-Bar/Ward, Richard (b.1848)
11348348348Men-at-the-Bar/Warren, John James
11348348348Men-at-the-Bar/Vincent, James Edmund
11349349349Men-at-the-Bar/Warry, William Taylor
11350350350Men-at-the-Bar/Vipan, Frederick John
11349349349Men-at-the-Bar/Warren, Joseph Loxdale
11346346346Men-at-the-Bar/De Vries, Klaas Fritzes
11346346346Men-at-the-Bar/Warry, George Deedes
11346346346Men-at-the-Bar/Watkins, John Gregory
11347347347Men-at-the-Bar/Warner, Joseph Henry
11343343343Men-at-the-Bar/Ward, Richard (b.1838)
11343343343Men-at-the-Bar/Vickers, Henry George
11343343343Men-at-the-Bar/Watkins, John Leo
11343343343Men-at-the-Bar/Vredenburgh, Watson
11345345345Men-at-the-Bar/Wasteneys, William
11343343343Men-at-the-Bar/Warden, Arthur Henry
11109109109Bacteria, why do they make me sick?
11338338338Men-at-the-Bar/Waring, Arthur Thomas
11336336336Men-at-the-Bar/Warden, John Lodwick
11335335335Men-at-the-Bar/Warwick, Richard
11337337337Men-at-the-Bar/Ward, Rev. John Martyr
11330330330Men-at-the-Bar/Ware, Titus Hibbert
11332332332Men-at-the-Bar/Watson, George Arthur
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