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3.7 k00Main Page
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94800National Pledge (India)
64600Atlas of the World Battle Fronts in Semimonthly Phases to August 15 1945
44700Zodiac Killer letters
42100S v Makwanyane and Another
41500A prayer of St. Francis of Assissi
315-180 k176 k377Encyclopædia Britannica, Ninth Edition/Telescope
182117.4 k7.3 k7.2 kExaminer (Launceston, Tasmania)/1929/"A Romany in the Fields"
36700The First Voyage Round the World/Pigafetta's Account of Magellan's Voyage
30200Lorem ipsum (unsourced)
23233.8 k3.8 k3.7 kThe President’s Daily Brief, 9 June 1966
29600Constitution of the United States of America
27500Constitution of India/Part III
117.6 k7.4 k7.4 kThe New York Times/1918/07/15/Americans Drive Germans Back Over Marne: Ta…
25600Oh! Susanna (original lyrics)
4928-31265530Philosophical Transactions/Volume 96/The Croonian Lecture on the Arrangem…
59153.1 k3.1 k3.8 kHands off Mexico
23500The Pearl
22100The Grammar of English Grammars/Part III
21700Evil Empire speech
21600Corazon Aquino's Speech before the Joint session of the United States Con…
21400The Code of Hammurabi (Harper translation)
20000Polish Copyright Law
19800Moral letters to Lucilius
19000The Rig Veda
18800Constitution of India/Part V
18600On the Creation of Niggers
6013457457457Poems of Ossian
17200The Vatican as a World Power
6113.6 k3.5 k3.5 kThe President’s Daily Brief, 8 June 1966
16600Executive Order 66
1922092306The New Student's Reference Work/Agra
12334334334A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Reed, German
15000God Save the Queen (lyrics)
14800Notes on Life and Letters
11233232464Dictionary of Indian Biography/Anderson, John (1795-1845)
7111.9 k1.9 k1.9 kEncyclopædia Britannica, Ninth Edition/Taglioni, Marie
14300On the shortness of life
3252078467Dictionary of Indian Biography/Amir Khan (1790?-after 1877)
14200Dictionary of spoken Spanish
9223232498Dictionary of Indian Biography/Amos, Andrew
5226969519Dictionary of Indian Biography/Anquetil, Thomas John
6224646495Dictionary of Indian Biography/Ampthill, Oliver Arthur Villiers Russell, …
6223838481Dictionary of Indian Biography/Anderson, Rev. John
13800Bible (King James)/Genesis
4223434472Dictionary of Indian Biography/Anderson, James
13400Brundtland Report/Chapter 2. Towards Sustainable Development
13000Bible (King James)/Luke
1712344344344A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Reciting-Note
12900Bible (King James)/Matthew
1512330330330A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Redford, John
12500Constitution of India/Part IV
1812364364364A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Recorder
12200A Course in Miracles/Text
10123013073011911 Encyclopædia Britannica/New Siberia Archipelago
2913-8228500Philosophical Transactions/Volume 96/The Bakerian Lecture on the Force of…
2212585858Category:Croonian lectures
11319319319A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Reel
19126331363Examiner (Launceston, Tasmania)
11800The Old Astronomer
11303303303A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Reed
11301301301A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Reedstop
812238300238Philosophical Transactions/Volume 95/Number 2
11600The Grammar of English Grammars/Part II
11600Category:Not proofread
7123833833831911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Siward
11500Chief Seattle's Speech
11500Constitution of the Philippines (1973)
11200Category:Authors by alphabetical order
811668668668Philosophical Transactions/Volume 54/A Letter to the Marquiss of Rockingh…
2012585858Category:Bakerian lectures
10900Poems That Every Child Should Know/Abou Ben Adhem
10800Bible (King James)/Psalms
171257577.7 k1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Reynard the Fox
10123636506Dictionary of Indian Biography/Abdul Hak, Sirdar Diler Jung ul Mulk
1112-142142298The Yellow Book/Volume 7/An Old Campaigner
10600Meditations on First Philosophy/Meditation I
105001911 Encyclopædia Britannica
10400The Pearl/Volume 1
10400Tale of Two Brothers
11105105105The New York Times/Washington. Reports of the Judiciary Committee on Impe…
10300Dictionary of Spoken Russian/Russian-English/Text2
11123337496Dictionary of Indian Biography/Abbott, Sir James
411522522522Dictionary of Indian Biography/Macdonald, Kenneth Somerled, Rev. Dr.
1311357357357History of Oregon Newspapers/Dailies That Struggled and Died
10123131661Philosophical Transactions/Volume 95/The Croonian Lecture on muscular Mot…
3111-5151373Natural History, Fishes/Malacopterygii
1511316316316Lost Galleon (1867)/The Emeu
1511307307307Lost Galleon (1867)/The Willows
1411321321321A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Recte et Retro, Per
1311332332332A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Reicher, Hedwig
1311331331331A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Redoute
1411302302302A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Redowa
1011344344344A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Redemption, The
1311283283283A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Renn
1111317317317A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Recording Music Played Extemporaneously
1011327327327A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Redhead, Richard
411425425425Dictionary of Indian Biography/Amir Khan (?-1834)
811350350350Domestic Encyclopædia (1802)/Draining
1211275275275The Sheriff's Son/Chapter 8
14112422422421922 Encyclopædia Britannica/D'Abernon, Edgar Vincent, 1st Baron
271120205.6 kThe President’s Daily Brief, 10 June 1966
2511-5151351Natural History, Fishes/Cartilaginei
1111276276276The Sheriff's Son/Chapter 6
12112582582581911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Ine
1111275275275The Sheriff's Son/Chapter 7
9112952952951911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Kidney Diseases
15111851853581911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Dahn, Julius Sophus Felix
211401401401Domestic Encyclopædia (1802)/Draught
18111311314141911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Herschell, Farrer Herschell, 1st Baron
161200294The Yellow Book/Volume 7/On the Loing
5113313313311922 Encyclopædia Britannica/Dahn, Julius Sophus Felix
511329329329Lost Galleon (1867)/A Geological Madrigal
311356356356A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Redeker, Louise
5113113113111911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Hernia
411323323323Domestic Encyclopædia (1802)/Drank
20121801802.5 kThe Lair of the White Worm
6112842842841911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Lung (mythology)
1911-5151369Natural History, Fishes/Plectognathi
5112802802801911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Lung
611262262262Marching Sands/Chapter 13
611262262262Marching Sands/Chapter 12
41200823Philosophical Transactions/Volume 95/Experiments for ascertaining how far…
1611868686Poems of Ossian/Fingal/Book 6
511262262262Marching Sands/Chapter 14
161149496.8 k1922 Encyclopædia Britannica/Czernin, Ottokar, Count
151152523571911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Electrical Machine
110078 kThe New York Times/1867/11/27/Washington. Reports of the Judiciary Commit…
16113131357History of Oregon Newspapers/Journalism in Salem
1611-2828321Winter (1888) Thoreau/Advertisement
151136362471911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Church, Sir Richard
141152522751911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Waynflete, William
10000On the shortness of life/Chapter III
6111781783921911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Stewart, Alexander Turney
5111003.2 kPolyushko Pole
411202202202Philosophical Transactions/Volume 96/Number 10
10117575329The Yellow Book/Volume 7/On the Yealm
9700Recovery of Money Paid Under Mistake of Fact
9600Bible (King James)
91154541.5 k1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Wayzgoose
7117575327The Yellow Book/Volume 7/Trengwainton
411123123123Philosophical Transactions/Volume 95/Number 16
611909090Philosophical Transactions/Volume 95/Number 1
71169693781911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Venereal Diseases
411107107107Philosophical Transactions/Volume 95/Number 19
6117474320The Yellow Book/Volume 7/A Portrait
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