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1464 k63 k63 kDescription of Greece (Jones)/VIII
14-64 k62 k457Description of Greece (Jones)
1655 k53 k53 kPlutarch's Moralia (Loeb)/Isis and Osiris
1166 k65 k65 kThe Reformation of James Reddy
1228 k28 k28 kThe Classic of Filial Piety
1140 k39 k39 kThe Fiddler of the Reels
13-8.5 k8.4 k476Description of Greece (Taylor)
129 k8.8 k8.8 kDescription of Greece (Taylor)/V
127.1 k6.9 k6.9 kPlutarch's Moralia (Loeb)/Isis and Osiris/Introduction
133 k3 k2.9 kContinuation of the Exercise of Certain Authorities Under the Trading Wit…
123.1 k3.3 k3.1 kContinuation of U.S. Drug Interdiction Assistance to the Government of Co…
1171.1 k1.1 k109 kRoyal Naval Biography
11-4.1 k4 k3121911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Punishment
113 k2.9 k2.9 kDelegation of Authority under the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountab…
15453453453Electronics Technician/Volume 7/Chapter 1
23102421 kTale of Two Brothers
12549549549On the Soul (Aristotle)
13406488406Electronics Technician/Volume 7/Chapter 3
13404486404Electronics Technician/Volume 7/Chapter 2
13450452450Krishnakanta's Will (Chatterjee, Roy)/Part 1/Chapter 5
13445445445Electronics Technician/Volume 7/Preface
15480480480Electronics Technician/Volume 7
124744744 kMaid of Amsterdam
14202328786On the Soul
12296296296A Bid for Fortune/Chapter 10
12459459459Grace and Glory
12413447825The Description of Greece
2210188.3 kThe Adventures of Pinocchio/Chapter 35
12384384384Grace and Glory/2
124984982 kMoralia
12362362362Grace and Glory/1
132992996.9 kMilitary Service by Transgender Individuals to the Secretary of Homeland …
11600600600The Sun (Sherwood)
1343616.6 kPlutarch's Moralia (Loeb)
12394032.9 kTo adequately provide critical technology in a timely manner Pursuant to …
125959192 k1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Insanity
1321211.4 kA-Roving (Daley)
1256622.2 kWaiver of the Jerusalem Embassy Act
11545545545Royal Naval Biography/Young, Robert Benjamin
11541541541Royal Naval Biography/Marshall, John Houlton
11539539539Royal Naval Biography/Cartwright, John
11523523523Royal Naval Biography/Bamber, William Richard
11525525525Royal Naval Biography/Belchier, Nathaniel
11520520520Royal Naval Biography/Pickenell, Peter Giles
11515515515Electronics Technician/Volume 7/Instructions for taking the course
11512512512Electronics Technician/Volume 7/Summary of the Electronics Technician Tra…
11511511511Royal Naval Biography/Slaughter, William
11507507507Royal Naval Biography/Thomson, Henry
11507507507Royal Naval Biography/Davis, Henry
11507507507Royal Naval Biography/Clyde, Charles
11507507507Royal Naval Biography/Grant, Gregory
11509509509Royal Naval Biography/Kelly, William (a)
11504504504Royal Naval Biography/Clarke, Hyde John
11503503503Royal Naval Biography/Russel, Robert
11503503503Royal Naval Biography/Bennett, Charles
11502502502Royal Naval Biography/Rose, Alexander
11501501501Royal Naval Biography/Norton, John
11499499499Royal Naval Biography/Vivion, Thomas
11498498498Royal Naval Biography/Leach, James
11494494494Electronics Technician/Volume 7/Table of Contents
1288882.2 kExecutive Order 3
11449449449Krishnakanta's Will (Chatterjee, Roy)/Part 1/Chapter 6
11314314314Life with the Esquimaux/Volume 1/Chapter XVII
12-67673.3 kThe Times/1896/Obituary/Henri van Laun
11298298298A Bid for Fortune/Chapter 9
1251511.3 kGuru Granth Sahib
11289289289A Bid for Fortune/Chapter 11
11289289289A Bid for Fortune/Chapter 7
11289289289A Bid for Fortune/Chapter 8
11286286286A Bid for Fortune/Chapter 6
11284284284A Bid for Fortune/Chapter 5
12-36381.4 kThe Times/1943/Obituary/Henry Forster Morley
11397397397Leaves of Grass (1882)/Children of Adam/Out of the Rolling Ocean the Crowd
11396396396Leaves of Grass (1882)/Children of Adam/I Heard You Solemn-Sweet Pipes of…
11391391391Leaves of Grass (1882)/Children of Adam/Ages and Ages Returning at Interv…
11385385385Leaves of Grass (1882)/Children of Adam/Facing West from California's Sho…
11368368368Leaves of Grass (1882)/Children of Adam/Once I Pass'd through a Populous …
11362362362Leaves of Grass (1882)/Children of Adam/We Two, How Long We were Fool'd
11360360360Leaves of Grass (1882)/Children of Adam/I Sing the Body Electric
11357357357Leaves of Grass (1882)/Children of Adam/Native Moments
11354354354Leaves of Grass (1882)/Children of Adam/As Adam Early in the Morning
11354354354Leaves of Grass (1882)/Children of Adam/O Hymen! O Hymenee!
11355355355Leaves of Grass (1882)/Children of Adam/One Hour to Madness and Joy
11353353353Leaves of Grass (1882)/Children of Adam/Spontaneous Me
11348348348Leaves of Grass (1882)/Children of Adam/A Woman Waits for Me
11346346346An Unfinished Song/Chapter 11
11343343343Life with the Esquimaux/Volume 1/Chapter XVI
11344344344An Unfinished Song/Chapter 9
11345345345An Unfinished Song/Chapter 10
11342342342An Unfinished Song/Chapter 8
11339339339Leaves of Grass (1882)/Children of Adam/I am He that Aches with Love
112622622621911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Crocus
11-3737326Mrs Shelley (Rossetti 1890)/Chapter 1
11118118118De Anima (Gregory)
11118118118De Anima (Gregory of Nyssa)
11118118118De Anima (St Gregory)
11118118118On the Soul and Resurrection
11118118118On the Soul (Gregory)
11118118118On the Soul (Gregory of Nyssa)
11118118118De Anima et Resurrectione
11118118118On the Soul (St Gregory)
11-1010767Mrs Shelley (Rossetti 1890)
11787878De Anima (Tertullian)
11787878On the Soul (Tertullian)
11626262Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Giuseppe d' Annibale
1136363.1 kThe New Student's Reference Work/Vol IV:19
1130301.6 kThe New Student's Reference Work/Vol IV
11282860 kLaws (Plato)/Book III
1120202.4 kProclamation 3561
11-20202.3 kHandbook for Boys
111717715A Bid for Fortune
1187874.6 kExecutive Order 4
1173733.8 kProclamation 382
1157572.5 kCanada Gazette
11444444The description of Greece (Taylor)
11-4646673The Times/1922/Public notice/Edward Carter Kersey Gonner
11434343The description of Greece (Jones)
11393939Graecae Descriptio
11-40404.5 kGod (Derzhavin)
11-40401.6 kThe Bullfinch (Derzhavin)
11414141The Hsiâo King
11-4040809Time's river in its rushing current
11-4040781Modern Russian Poetry/The Angel
11-4040694Modern Russian Poetry/Captive Knight
11-3838569The Times/1943/Public notice/Henry Forster Morley
113636163 kAll for Love
1138388.8 kLoeb Classical Library
11282862 kThe Republic/Book II
112828132 kCratylus
112525392Woman of the Century/Annie Laurie Wilson James
11212121De Iside et Osiride
11212121Isis and Osiris
11212121On Isis and Osiris
11212121Concerning Isis and Osiris
111515382Woman of the Century/Helen Marr Hurd
11441.7 kCatholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Councils of Anse
11-112.2 kClouds (Aristophanes)
110015 kThe Adventures of Pinocchio/Chapter 36
110017 kThe Master Mind of Mars/Chapter 8
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