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4.1 k00Main Page
1.8 k00Oh, honey of an hour,
1.7 k00Kinnaird, Douglas James William (DNB00)
1.7 k00331 U.S. 145
1 k00Mandalay
59500The Grammar of English Grammars/Part III
58500The Grammar of English Grammars/Part II
42100Zodiac Killer letters
1259 k57 k57 kConstitution of the Irish Free State (Saorstát Éireann) Act, 1922
37700Dictionary of Spoken Russian/English-Russian
34800The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn/Chapter XX
343001911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Breton, Jules Adolphe Aimé Louis
33100Vincent van Gogh suicide note
31500Departmental Ditties and Ballads and Barrack-Room Ballads/Mandalay
1513-11 k11 k781Canada Gazette/Volume LXXXI/Extra No. 12
27600The Pearl
131135 k34 k34 kIncident to the Season
27300Tale of Two Brothers
141128 k28 k28 kThe Adventures of Miss Gregory/The Adventure in the Hotel at Beira
141127 k27 k27 kThe Dance (Gale)
631131.3 k2.8 k4.1 kQur'an
161122 k22 k22 kFoote's Catorium
131123 k22 k22 kContraband of War
26100No Pasaran
3023396396396Life of Sir William Petty 1623 - 1687
27124.7 k4.6 k4.6 kProclamation 9643
21900Dictionary of spoken Spanish
21000Moral letters to Lucilius
15124.8 k4.7 k4.7 kProclamation 9644
20700Consolidated version of the Treaty on European Union/Title I: Common Prov…
206001911 Encyclopædia Britannica
20500National Pledge (India)
39141.5 k1.4 k2.3 kCanada Gazette
43121.3 k1.3 k1.6 kCanada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50
17800Bible (King James)/Matthew
3723104.6 k346Johnstone, Bryce (DNB00)
16400The Old Astronomer
12510510510Representative women of New England/Mary A. S. Whitmarsh
13-135135409Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Appointments, June 5, 1868
2219532532107 kRoyal Naval Biography
2512567613567Calls to Action
13-7171449Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Militia General Orders, June 2, 1868
3212522522522Representative women of New England/Mary F. Eastman
4615-13178 kThe Times/1927/Obituary/John Scott Keltie
3012516516516Representative women of New England/Gertrude Quinlan
14200Constitution of the United States of America
11614614614Representative women of New England/Boston Women's Educational and Indust…
13-6161512Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Militia General Orders, June 5, 1868
1512643647643Representative women of New England/Mary E. T. Chapin
11572572572Representative women of New England/Vina B. Peakes
2112395395395Life of Sir William Petty 1623 - 1687/Contents
123939516Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Statement of Revenue, June 5, 1868
11534534534Representative women of New England/Daughters of the Revolution, Commonwe…
12-2020517Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Order-in-Council, Customs, May 22, 1868
11516516516Representative women of New England/Lucy A. Jameson
11512512512Representative women of New England/Lillian Norton
11511511511Representative women of New England/Charlotte A. B. Lee
12-1010525Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Government Notice, Customs, June 5, 1868
11504504504Representative women of New England/Harriet C. M. Warren
1814-118126379Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Appointments, May 23, 1868
12600Consolidated version of the Treaty on European Union
12500Nigeria We Hail Thee
1222222.3 kCanada Gazette/Volume LXXIII/No. 12/Proclamation, September 10, 1939
1711698698698A Bid for Fortune
1811674674674The Koran (Rodwell)/XVI
1314-160168399Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Appointments, May 29, 1868
1711661661661The Koran (Rodwell)/LXXXIV
11900On the Creation of Niggers
1411680680680The Koran (Rodwell)/XVII
12-44514Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Proclamation, May 23, 1868
1222515Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Free Bank Return, May 15, 1868
1711613613613The Koran (Rodwell)/XCIX
1411621621621The Koran (Rodwell)/VIII
11262262262A Bid for Fortune/Chapter 1
11259259259A Bid for Fortune/Prologue
1111638638638Representative women of New England/Annie C. Shattuck
1811511511511Royal Naval Biography/Bissell, William
11200The Rig Veda
11200The Pearl/Volume 1
1811503503503Royal Naval Biography/Jones, Henry
1811500500500Representative women of New England/Harriet S. Lambard
1711515515515Royal Naval Biography/Kennedy, Alexander (a)
1611524524524Royal Naval Biography/Smith, William Robert
1611522522522Royal Naval Biography/Muston, Thomas Goldwire
1611507507507Representative women of New England/Helena Higginbotham
1611507507507Royal Naval Biography/Tucker, Robert
1611506506506Royal Naval Biography/Oliver, Thomas
1511520520520Tales from the Arabic/Firouz and His Wife
1511514514514Representative women of New England/Fanny T. Hazen
1611495495495Royal Naval Biography/Hext, William
1411514514514Representative women of New England/Lizabeth A. Turner
1411510510510Representative women of New England/Maria Mitchell
1511495495495Representative women of New England/Hulda B. Loud
1411500500500Representative women of New England/Amy M. Bradley
1411502502502Representative women of New England/Emily L. Clark
1711452452452Krishnakanta's Will (Chatterjee, Roy)/Part 1/Chapter 3
1411499499499Representative women of New England/Elizabeth B. Foster
1411495495495Tales from the Arabic/En Numan and the Arab of the Benou Tai
1311507507507Representative women of New England/Clara M. Greene
10700Bible (King James)
1211502502502Representative women of New England/Pauline S. Jones
1211500500500Representative women of New England/Agnes B. Day
1211501501501Representative women of New England/Helen M. Graves
1111509509509Representative women of New England/Abby Williams May
10600Haile Selassie's address to the United Nations, 1963
1111504504504Representative women of New England/Margaret J. Butler
1111500500500Representative women of New England/Elizabeth H. Soule
1111489489489Representative women of New England/Eleanor B. Cass
10400Bible (King James)/Psalms
10400Bible (King James)/Genesis
1611371371371Silver Shoal Light/Chapter 7
10300Constitution of India/Part V
1711341341341An Unfinished Song/Chapter 4
1311381381381Silver Shoal Light/Chapter 5
10100Bible (King James)/Luke
11717171Proclamation, May 23, 1868
1411359359359Life of Sir William Petty 1623 - 1687/Chapter I
1311372372372Silver Shoal Light/Chapter 6
1311362362362Life of Sir William Petty 1623 - 1687/Chapter II
31113737742The Rover Boys in the Air
1211341341341An Unfinished Song/Chapter 5
1111299299299Canada Gazette/Volume LXXIII/No. 12
1611158158907Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Juan de Albi
1811-43434.5 kThe Times/1917/Obituary/Charles Francis Keary
18113333757The House of the Lord
18112424397Grey, William (1818-1878) (DNB00)
1511545454Letters Patent Constituting the Office of Governor General of Canada
1100611Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Application for Divorce, March 25, 1868
1100608Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Parliamentary Notice, January 13, 1868
1100654Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Order-in-Council, Inland Revenue, May 30, …
1100494Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Order-in-Council, Customs, May 28, 1868 (1)
1100553Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Order-in-Council, Customs, May 28, 1868 (2)
1100497Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Order-in-Council, Fisheries, May 28, 1868
1100654Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Order-in-Council, Inland Revenue, May 30, …
1100604Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Parliamentary Notice, January 2, 1868
1100585Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Order-in-Council, Inland Revenue, May 30, …
1100584Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Order-in-Council, Inland Revenue, May 30, …
1100437Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/List of Pensions, Gratuities, and Amounts …
1100443Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Statement of Banks, April 30, 1868
151139391.6 kRebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Wiggin)
16112222360Hughes, Edward (DNB12)
13116767376The Dance
1511222211 kThe Pigeon
7111291293501911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Libraries
1411992331911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Rudolph II.
9700Gunga Din
611109109109Declaration of a state of war with the German Reich
9600The War of the Jews/Book III
1111-16164161911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Dominic, Saint
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